Martina Topley Bird returns with new album

By MediaMonkey

May 8, 2021
When Martina Topley-Bird says “I had to recalibrate/reconfigure my way of relating to music and the music industry in order to make the record I wanted to make.…and that took time,” she’s not exaggerating. Her last solo LP came in 2010, so we’re thrilled to announced a new, self produced album called ‘Forever I Wait’.
Working with Robert from Massive Attack, she “took the time I needed. I started in London, moved and lived in America for the first time in my life, then briefly moved back to London and finished the record in Spain… After trying to work on a new record for a couple of years, I came to a realisation that in order to move forward I had to separate the concept and vision I had for this record from me as a person. That made it less personal and therefore possible for me to defend and fight for the concept of the record rather than making it about myself and my ideas.
It had been difficult for me in my previous projects. I was conflating the work with myself and my ego and by separating I was more assertive about communicating the bounds of the project. That was a big personal win and the beginning of ‘Forever I Wait’.”
As for the content of the album, it’s “a trip through my psyche, switching through different states and frequencies of emotions and reflections”. Here’s a single ‘Pure Heart.’

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