Monday Blues: Coming soon! By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

July 3, 2024

3 years in pre-production, 12 years since the original pilot draft was wrote. We now have a pilot in post-production. 25 minutes of laughs, drama and sorrows of what it’s like growing up neurodiverse in school but without a genuine support system.

A pilot episode. The beginning. Hopefully not the end as it’s an open book.

Calling all the outsiders who tried to change who they were to fit in but ended up the school joke anyway, this is the story for you. School was one of those times for me where I constantly wanted people to like me, I’d had enough of being bullied and I wanted to stop it in its tracks by trying to be the voice in my head, the girl trapped inside, who didn’t let everyone walk all over her. She was always the joke, even with a “glow up.” She got knocked down but managed to get up over and over.

Here comes the story of a girl who realised, no matter what she did, she’ll always still be the outsider but one day, she will find her people. Someone recently put together an analogy of how us neurodiverse can be an obvious target. They described it as being Big Bird from Sesame Street in a room with humans and it clicked with me very easily. It also clicked that we tend to be very comfortable in who we are, they feel threatened by our confidence or sometimes inner confidence to pursue the things we love most in the world. The things that keep us sane day after day. We have determination to do what makes us happy, it can be a flaw at times as we sometimes tend to people please to remain happy. I’m learning.

It’s hard though as we’re often conflicted in our lives and end up with excess trauma compared with others. That’s the centre of the story too. It’s a lot harder for us to deal with trauma as it can be inflicted easier on us but if you’re surrounded by others who don’t know how to deal with the trauma you’re facing, it can be lonely out there.

This was wrote from the perspective of a lonely girl who didn’t have someone she could talk to in detail about how she felt and had to pretend she was okay for years. She created a persona to get by and later realised that there was more damage that needed fixing. Life lesson: Always be yourself. If people leave, it reflects more about who they are, than it does you. If your existence threatens them in any way, they will let you know, take it as a complement, jealousy is a complement even if you don’t feel that way.

Monday Blues will maybe be released in September. After seeing a few clips, it’s kind of wholesome to see a final product be there in front of you.

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