Nitin Sawhney has survived a heart attack

By MediaMonkey

March 9, 2024

On March 4th 2024, Nitin Sawhney tweeted: “Can’t say what it is… but I’m about to go through something pretty major. Wish me luck :)”

Today, he could say what it is, and he’s survived a heart attack and follow up operations.

His lengthy tweet explains all:


After much reflection, I’ve decided to explain myself regarding the post below…

A few days ago, out of nowhere, I had a heart attack.


I was rushed to hospital and the NHS put a stent in one of the arteries leading to my heart, after which I was kept in to await a similar operation (which I was referring to in my quoted post) on another artery. Both ops have gone well and the NHS were fantastic. I will need a third, bigger operation next month but one day at a time I reckon…

I weight train 3-4 times a week, regularly kick-box, eat healthily and had no history of heart disease. When I spoke to the doctor, he said it was probably a genetic predisposition… Basically, as a British Asian I have a significantly higher likelihood of cardiovascular disease or heart attacks. My dad had a triple heart bypass, my mum has had two attacks and three of my uncles had heart attacks with one dying on the spot.

It’s a terrifying feeling. Your chest feels like someone is sitting on your chest holding a 200kg weight and your head feels like it’s spinning out of control as you struggle to remain conscious. In my case, I completely blacked out, falling onto a glass ornament from a standing position, smashing the coffee table with my face as I collapsed into a pool of blood and broken shards, penetrating both cheeks, my nose and the area just beneath my eyes. Later a plastic surgeon had to carefully remove pieces of glass from my face with tweezers after 4 injections to my face.

I’m ok… and (quick plug) we’ll still be touring the UK in April (Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton and London between the 7-11). Obviously we had to defer playing @WOMADelaide until next year. We also have to defer my performance with @the_halle on May 4th to later in the year as that will be soon after my third heart operation.

On a positive, I’m also proud to say I (plug 2) produced three tracks on the current U.K. number one album of @rodstewart and #joolsholland
Ok. Self promotion over

The point is there has been an alarming rise in fatalities from heart disease recently.. particularly amongst British Asians. So… if you are Asian or, to be honest, in any vulnerable group… get your heart health checked out. It could save your life. You might not see something like this coming… I didn’t.”

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