No one knows if the Taylor Swift Fan Union is a joke or just insane entitled fans

By MediaMonkey

June 7, 2023

Unionizing: great. Gives you a greater say against management, protects rights and pay. Unless you’re part of the Taylor Swift Fan Union, when you’re an insane, entitled borderline stalker.

Now, to be fair, no one has any idea if the TSFU is a clever viral spoof, or people for whom the parasocial has gone into madness. But their manifesto is doing the rounds, and it’s delightfully crazier than a bag of cats. They want a say in creative direction, they want a say in who she dates, they want compensation for promoting her, and health insurance. Well can’t blame them for the last bit. There’s really nothing better we can do than show it:


So, this is surely fake. It’s funny, it’s perfect, it’s actually believable. But if this is real…. Jesus Christ.

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