Noel Gallagher banned from driving for six months despite never learning to drive

By MediaMonkey

September 7, 2023

Noel Gallagher has famously never learned to do drive, and he doesn’t need to, he’s rich enough to be driven around in luxury and leave some idiot cutting you up on the roundabout to the driver.

Despite that he’s been banned from driving for six months.

To summarise what appears to be a lot of legal wrangling, Noel doesn’t drive but he is the registered owner of his Range Rover, so when the driver of the Rover got in trouble for his behaviour, and when a lot of Noel’s staff including the driver didn’t answer the bloody post, Noel became responsible and he got the ban.

To be fair, he’s not fighting this, he’s apologised, and said he’s taken action which we assume means shouting the bollocks off someone who now doesn’t work for him.

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