Not very new music: Tamer

By MediaMonkey

April 20, 2021
This isn’t a cutting edge music post, as although we’re talking about the debut single from Tamer, it came out a good few years ago and the project hasn’t been active for a few years either. The last post on their Facebook said it wasn’t the end, they’d be back when the music was right, and pointed to an ‘other projects’ Insta: @futuresoutfront  And you know what? We’re too scared to see the men behind it, Grayson Sanders, is okay. 
When Tamer was ongoing they got some great songs in some brilliant films, and yes we did enjoy watching Alien: Covenant, just don’t think about it, okay?
So, their debut. A great song called Beautiful Crime, all hushed beats, sepia closing credits and a delicious audio visual moment when you’re halfway through the track and you see the words Dynamic Stereo in large letters on the cover and think, well, yes. It was also used in media, for the Daredevil TV show, but it’s fine with no knowledge of that.

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