Owls rescued at Glastonbury named after Guns N Roses

By MediaMonkey

July 5, 2023

Everyone loves a cute wildlife story, right? Well here’s a Glastonbury one.

During Guns N Roses headline set at the festival, a member of the audience discovered an owl chick under the steps of the Pyramid Stage. No, we don’t know how this happened, but he rescued the owl and is now at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, where it’s known as Axl.

Bizarrely, a second owl chick was found in the same location the next day. They’re believed to be related, and it was also rescued and is back with Axl. They called it Slash.

David Plant of the Centre gave some insight: “This is possibly the most unusual disturbance case we’ve heard about this year, but it just goes to show the importance of checking your surroundings for wildlife before any activity… The Pyramid Stage frame is left in place all year when Worthy Farm goes back to being a dairy farm. Clearly a pair of little owls thought it would be a great place to make a nest. They are a cavity-nesting species, favouring holes in old trees, but they have been recorded nesting in rabbit holes and take well to man-made nest boxes.”

It is likely the adult owls “abandoned their nest once festival preparation began,” and “it is “difficult to say how long the chicks were left alone.”

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