Paul McCartney teaches us all eye yoga

By MediaMonkey

May 13, 2021
Well this is a new one on us: not only does ‘eye yoga’ exist, but Paul McCartney credits it for his good eyesight and no need for glasses. Speaking on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast, he explained “I learned [it] off some yogi in India.. He explained that your eyes are muscles whereas your ears aren’t, so you can’t exercise your ears. But your eyes, you can.”
But let’s face it, we all want to have a go, so take it away Paul:  “So, head still, and then you look up as far as you can, one, two, three, go back to the middle, then down, one, two, three, then back to the middle. You do three lots of that, then go to the left and the right. Now you’ve got a cross, up and down, and sideways, now you do the diagonals.”
“It’s pretty good stuff. It makes sense, though, doesn’t it?” I mean, not really Paul.

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