Plastic Nazis Britain First conned into wild goose chase by pro-migrant campaigners

By MediaMonkey

April 27, 2021
Last year, thick as two short plank racists Britain First attacked a series of hotels to harass the migrants being kept safe there, even banging on the doors of rooms and demanding to know people’s nationality. Recently, when they said this hate campaign would resume they showed the calibre of their incisive grasp of events… by asking the internet for tip offs… and then believing those tip offs.
Cue anti migrant groups sending in a list of fake places, and Britain First finding only empty rooms as they marched about like the pillocks they are. Bonus points for the person who nominated a pub run by a mate of Dominic Cummings.
The tinpot quislings in charge of Britain First denied this, which was a problem as their social media revealed the truth.

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