Playstation confirm price of games is rising

By MediaMonkey

September 17, 2020
There was always something bizarre about the way the prices of ‘first party’ console games hadn’t risen much for the last decade despite the costs of everything else going up. Indeed, how could I buy Resident Evil 2’s remake, new, when it came out for less than the original cost me from a video store in the late 90s? 
So, with a new generation of consoles coming, the question was always: will the games cost more?
Now, we are talking about a world of huge variation: an indie developer will charge you less, the latest God of War will charge more. But Sony have confirmed the top price for Playstation games will now be $69.99. The Demon Soul’s remake coming launch day currently has that price tag. 
However, the Miles Morales Spider Man game is still only $50.

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