Rammstein try to defend singer Till Lindemann from sexual misconduct allegations

By MediaMonkey

June 6, 2023

Rammstein singer Till Lindemann has been dropped by his publishing house following sexual misconduct allegations. KiWi announced “It is with shock that we have followed public allegations against Till Lindemann in the last few days. Our sympathy and respect goes to the women affected… From our point of view, Till Lindemann exceeds immovable limits in dealing with women… We have therefore decided to end our collaboration with Till Lindemann with immediate effect, as our relationship of trust with the author has been irretrievably broken.”

So what are the allegations? The lid was blown off by a woman known as Shelby69666, who published her account of attending a Rammstein gig and having her drink spiked and being sexually harassed by the band:

She was approached by a crew member whose job is to get women into the front row at Rammstein concerts, and taken to Row 0, a party where she claims she was her drink was spiked, and Lindemann screamed at her when she refused sex with him. She only has slight memories from that point on, saying there was an afterparty, and she was six. She wants to stress “Till did NOT touch me. He accepted I did not want to have sex with him”. Nevertheless, Tagesschau has published a report from multiple women accusing Lindemann of sexual assault.

The band has issued a statement:

“The publications of the last few days have caused irritation and questions among the public and especially among our fans. The allegations hit us all very hard, and we take them extremely seriously… We say to our fans: It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at our shows – in front of and behind the stage… We condemn any kind of transgression and ask you: Do not engage in public prejudice of any kind against those who have made allegations,” it continued. “You have a right to your point of view. But we, the band, also have a right – namely not to be prejudiced either.”

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