Razorlight release new single and it’s not bad

By MediaMonkey

June 17, 2022

Ah, Razorlight, a band with so much potential (America is a genuinely brilliant song) that seemed to disappear up their signer’s backside. Well, they’re touring, writing a new album and there’s now a new song to go with it…. it’s not bad actually.

‘Call Me Junior’ features the classic line up, was put straight onto tape, and emerged during lockdown. “I had dreamt something,” said aforementioned singer Johnny Borrell, “and Andy sent me a very rough voice note. I fused the 2 ideas together and we kind of had a song.”

He continued “It’s a funny thing rediscovering Razorlight; normally when writing, you find yourself thinking ‘this sounds kinda Bowie-ish or Stones-ish or Prince-ish etc – that’s cool lets do that’, but with getting back into an old writing partnership you start going ‘Oh that sounds really Razorlight-ish, cool lets do that.’ It’s great to be recording again, great to be producing and great to have the band back together. It’s a unique sound these 4 people make… I rang Johnny, played some chords and a bit of melody that I had, down the phone, the next day I walked into the studio, and he was sat at the piano playing this finished song…as soon as we played it together with the band, it clicked.”

“An instant rocker, like an old friend. We wanted to put something out ourselves, before we play live shows this summer, and this seemed like the perfect fit.”

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