Review Compliance by Muse

By MediaMonkey

March 18, 2022
A few years ago, a man created a track called ‘How to Write A Nine Inch Nails Song’, which, at the risk of repeating everything, was both a spoof and an insight into how Trent Reznor style music could be made. But it wasn’t a dig: it was meant as a tribute.
So what’s this got to do with Muse? If you asked me yesterday what a Muse song needed, I’d say a fancy hook, lyrics about a world dominating conspiracy, and plenty of sci-fi soundtrack vibes… and I’d say that with the greatest respect because I love Muse.
So as you’ve no doubt guessed, Compliance, which was released this week (March 22) is actually all those things. It’s a typical Muse song, which does nothing non Muse like but perfectly hits all the spots we’ve grown to love. Turns out science fiction barnpot conspiracy rants never get old.
I mean yes, there’s the worry in the back of your head this is all some weird anti-vax wankery, but who cares, we’re spinning it.
Album Will Of The People is out August 26th.

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