Royal Blood attempt to defend their behaviour at Big Weekend: Do they Succeed?

By MediaMonkey

June 5, 2023

Royal Blood’s performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend went viral, and not in a good way. They threw a temper tantrum, with frontman Mike Kerr’s outburst including heckling the crowd: “We’re having to clap ourselves because that was so pathetic,” then he turned to the camera, “Will you clap for us? Will you clap? You’re busy. Can you clap? Yes, even he’s clapping. What does that say about you?”

Kerr has now been interviewed by BB1 Radio 1 and tried to explain: “I’m amazed, honestly, how that escalated to that kind of size… Walking off from that show, I felt I was being entertaining — in a way of trying to make light of the situation. I was doing a performance where I felt a little bit out of place.”

“It was somewhat of a blip on my part because it would’ve taken me three minutes to think ‘Maybe these people don’t know who you are’,” he said. “I actually really enjoyed playing! I had a great time. The ending, to me, I felt like a sort of pro-wrestler… I felt like a kind of pantomime villain! I didn’t feel like I’d done anything, sort of, morally wrong. I felt like a bit of a wind-up, honestly. That’s how I felt.”

He attributed it to being in performance mode: “When I’m in that zone, there’s a part of my personality which only exists on stage. I can’t find any other context in which I’m that energised… I feel like I look different when I’m on stage. When I’m offstage I’m very quiet and quite awkward, whereas onstage, I don’t know…it’s very easy to get swept up in that energy. Honestly, it’s quite fun, and I don’t mean any offence. My intention isn’t to kind of alienate anyone or push anyone away.”

“My message is that I meant no offence. We look forward to coming back and applause is optional.”

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