Russia add Ukrainian Eurovision singer to Wanted list

By MediaMonkey

November 20, 2023

You’d think Russia might have better things to do given that they started a brutal war of naked conquest, but no, it turns out someone inside there has a lot of time on their hands.

You see, Russia have a wanted list of international targets, and they’ve added Jamala to it.

You might be wondering who Jamala is and what she’s done, but rather than plan drone strikes on all major power centres, she’s actually the singer who won Eurovision in 2014 for Ukraine with a song protesting about Russian aggression.

She’s been campaigning and been critical of Russia, which lets be honest, isn’t exactly controversial in anywhere with a brain, but Russia have deemed her to be posting ‘fake’ information about their military, yunno the one of terrified ex-convicts slaughtering people indiscriminately.

Jamala is currently in Australia and will not be visiting Moscow on holiday any time soon.

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