Russia threatening to jail activist by using Rammstein video as excuse

By MediaMonkey

April 29, 2021
Let’s be clear, Russia’s interest in jailing Andrei Borovikov has got nothing to do with music videos, and everything to do with the campaigner working for Russia’s chief opposition leader Alexei Navalny, a man currently in prison.
However, even Putin’s Russia needs something to write on the forms, and so Andrei Borovikov has been accused of distributing pornography because he posted Rammstein’s music video for Pussy on social media six actual years ago. He faces several years in a high security prison.
Amnesty International explained “The case against Andrei Borovikov is utterly absurd. It is blatantly obvious that he is being punished solely for his activism, not his musical taste. This is not the first time the Russian authorities have used an overbroad definition of ‘pornography’ as a pretext for locking up their critics… Earlier this month, artist and feminist activist Yulia Tsvetkova stood trial on pornography charges over her drawings of women’s bodies – it is astonishing that cases like this even make it to court.”
So here is the video (a YouTube legal edit): 

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