Simon Pegg has had enough of the Shaun of the Dead 2 requests

By MediaMonkey

July 5, 2023

Simon Pegg is being grumpy – perhaps understandably – and it’s all to do with Shaun of the Dead.

In an interview with the Guardian he said “If I ever do an Instagram Live or whatever, people are always like, ‘I need Shaun Of The Dead 2 in my life… And I’m like, ‘No, you don’t fucking need Shaun Of The Dead 2! The last thing you need is Shaun Of The Dead 2! It’s done. Move on!’”

There is, however, going to be a completely different film he’s writing with Shaun director Edgar Wright. “Whatever Edgar and I do next, we’re not going to rely on what we’ve done before,” Pegg said. “I like the idea of pissing people off. There’s something fun about torching everything. Everything that people think we are, that’s what we won’t be. We should just do something that no one’s expecting. But no one wants!”

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