Someone’s turned George Osborne’s wedding into a Duke Nukem 3D level

By MediaMonkey

July 18, 2023

Somehow George Osbourne hasn’t been arrested yet, and was able to get married to someone who inexplicably still wanted to be with him. But that aside, lots of footage of the wedding went viral due to the actions of someone who wasn’t a Just Stop Oil protestor but seemed to be acting like one.

This has allowed someone to play with it. Dan Douglas runs satirical Duke Nukem 3D project Duke Smoochem (and that’s not something we thought we’d ever type) and he loves to stick current events in it, so he’s modelled the church and the couple into the game.

“I see it as an interactive shitpost,” Douglas told NME, “One of my very favourite things about this project is people learning about weird events through it, either topical or historical… Eventually I’d like to create a commentary mode, devoid of enemies that the player can just wander around in and discover the origins of all the reference points I’ve thrown in, like some kind of meme museum.”

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