Song of the weekend: Daily Mail about to kick off edition

By MediaMonkey

October 12, 2020
Skynd are a mystery duo, by which we mean the identity of both members is constantly concealed and the internet has great fun guessing. They write brilliant songs which happen to be about murders, which means they aren’t for everyone but we ‘ve really got into the quality song writing and mini horror movie videos.
So, a song we’d heard live now has a studio released and a video and it’s called… Columbine. No guesses for what it’s about, or why the video is in a high school. We can imagine the Daily Mail sharpening their pens to complain about this, and if Skynd where bigger there’d probably be a cancel circle jerk on Twitter. We think they’ve been able to show the terror of that event with an emphasis on the lives of the victims and not the killers.
Also, we like spinning ‘Rats’ by Ghost and changing the lyric to Bats. Seems to fit the current climate.

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