Spotify boss speaks of nuanced approach to AI

By MediaMonkey

September 26, 2023

As distributors of all forms of art face up to the AI produced content on the verge of flooding their platform, decisions must be made. Amazon have restricted authors to 3 uploads a day and you have to declare AI.

Spotify is at the coalface of this war when it comes to music, and its boss Daniel Ek gave a rare interview, to the BBC, where he explained a nuanced approach:

AI music tuning tools like auto tune are fine.

AI which mimics artists without their permission is not and won’t be allowed.

Music created by AI which doesn’t pretend to be someone else and does it’s own thing? “It is going to be tricky” Eks says, but this content will currently be allowed.

“You can imagine someone uploading a song, claiming to be Madonna, even if they’re not. We’ve seen pretty much everything in the history of Spotify at this point with people trying to game our system,” Mr Ek said. “We have a very large team that is working on exactly these types of issues.”

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