Stephen King’s Mambo No 5 story reveals he knows how to inflict true horror

By MediaMonkey

September 8, 2023

Stephen King’s been through a lot, and he’s come out with a good and kind attitude. But spare a thought for his long lasting wife Tabitha, who stuck with him throughout addiction but found her break point was King’s continuous playing of Mambo No. 5.

That’s not a joke, as King told Rolling Stone when they asked if he liked the Lou Bega version:

“Oh, yeah. Big time. My wife threatened to divorce me. I played that a lot. I had the dance mix. I loved those extended play things, and I played both sides of it… And one of them was just total instrumental. And I played that thing until my wife just said, ‘One more time, and I’m going to fucking leave you.’”

Truly the most horrible situation King as ever devised.

Now, we’re not saying Mambo No 5 is bad, or that it isn’t a party banger, it’s just that after, what, three consecutive plays you’d want to murder someone.

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