The 2019 Keanu Reeves love in now has a holy day: May 21st 2021

By MediaMonkey

December 12, 2019
Look, we do like Keanu Reeves, he seems like a cool guy, but we are perplexed at how an internet configured to rant about everything has united as one with their love of the seemingly ageless movie star. It says more to us that yes, modern culture can escape its destructive course, rather than Keanu is the new Jesus which some are vibing.
But here’s the thing: the love of Keanu has a holy day, a point it has all been leading up to, a Christmas, and it is May 21st 2021.
Because for reasons known only to some coked up executives, both John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 are being released that day. It is going to be absolutely peak Keanu. It is going to be, if they don’t change it, a moment.

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