The BBC is about to destroy its podcasting

By MediaMonkey

May 13, 2024

Twenty media companies wrote to the Culture Secretary today, which as we know is utterly pointless, but what they’re complaining about is a problem.

The BBC is meant to be free once you’ve paid the licence fee, and really the best part about the BBC is zero advert to ruin your immersion. ITV and Channel 4 just can’t do decent drama because of the ads.

Unfortunately, the BBC plan to fuck up their podcasts with it. Their plan is to keep things ad free on BBC Sounds, but put adverts on their material that’s on Spotify and Apple. This will both ruin the listening experience and force people to BBC Sounds.

The twenty companies, which include ITV, SKY Global and Bauer complain “The BBC has vast funds to create content for its audiences and is not driven by commercial success, but instead by a mandate to act in the public interest, to inform, educate and entertain.”

“The impact of it extracting audio advertising funds from the nascent UK podcasting market would be disastrous, especially for the numerous small independent podcast producers.”

So, BBC, don’t ruin the thing you’re good at.

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