The Greek government hates the new Netflix Alexander the Great show

By MediaMonkey

February 20, 2024

Imagine, if you will, a situation where a government minister is so offended by a TV show they make a statement condemning it Parliament.

Okay, probably not that unbelievable in our horrible world, but the Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni did just that, slating Netflix’s new show Alexander: The Making Of A God.

It is a “fiction of extremely poor quality” and “full of historical inaccuracies.” “The elements of Alexander’s personality are not brought out in the Netflix series, which does not serve the historical truth. It is filled with historical inaccuracies and shows directorial sloppiness and poverty of scenario.”

“It seeks easy sensationalism to gain viewers by using malicious commentary as supposed facts. The platform characterises the series as a documentary with scenes of fiction. In essence, it is an extremely low-quality fiction, of low content, which is far removed from historical events as recorded in ancient written sources and documented by archaeological research.”

I don’t remember John Major getting up and going well Braveheart’s complete bollocks from start to finish isn’t it.

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