The Last Dinner Party explain Courtney Love’s odd advice

By MediaMonkey

January 24, 2024

The Last Dinner Party have been talking to music week, and there’s a great anecdote about Courtney Love.

The band explained they had to censor their biggest song for TV and radio performances, which is a problem when the entire point of the song is them spitting “and I will fuck you, like nothing matters.” In the end, they used ‘have’.

But enter Courtney: “We met her at The Great Escape and at the time we were in agony over what on earth we were going to use instead of [the F-word] because that’s the whole point,” singer Abigail said.

“After the show she stormed up the dressing room stairs saying, ‘I’ve got it!’ She had an empty packet of painkillers and she’d scrawled ‘punch’ on there.”

Which, if anything, makes the whole song worse for TV.

“She was kinda pitching to us. We were like, ‘Yeah, thanks!’ We appreciated her passion.”

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