The original lineup reunion no one asked for is here: Razorlight

By MediaMonkey

April 29, 2021
Our title is perhaps too snarky, because Razorlight did record a few great songs, but really how many of you clicked through with excitement?  Anyone? But it’s true, the original lineup of Razorlight are back together… well for a live stream at least.
This lineup is Johnny Borrell (of course), with Björn Ågren, Carl Dalemo and a few years later Andy Burrows, and on June 2nd they’ll livestream a show which includes “their most iconic releases” (their words), plus all the other songs. You will need to buy a ticket.
Here’s some fluff from Johnny: “I’m really enjoying reconnecting with Andy and Carl, it’s like getting to know people again. I’m enjoying it because you never want to lose friends. It’s a horrible thing to think. It doesn’t really make sense. It definitely feels good to me on a personal level.”
And from Andy: “It feels incredible. We’ve spent the past week or two rehearsing. Playing these songs has been an absolute joy. The emotions that were going through me when we started playing ‘America’, I forgot to play the first half of the song – it was totally nuts. It’s been amazing. It’s so powerful playing these old tunes. It’s very very special.”

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