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By MediaMonkey

March 26, 2024

This is one of Netflix’s newest documentaries. When I heard this was coming, I knew I had to watch it, mainly because I’ve read Paris Hilton’s book and saw her documentary about experiences of being sent to a troubled teen institute, a place where kids are abused in many forms and parents brainwashed into thinking their children would otherwise die unless sent to one of their institutes. These places are still open today despite the now, open discussion on experiences.

This is what the documentary is about. It follows the survivors of Ivy Ridge, a teen institute. These places are classed as a last resort but a lot of kids sent to these places happen to just have mental health issues or disabilities of some sort. The kids mainstream schools can’t seem to understand or cope with.

This documentary was an eye opening experience, exposing the truth of what has been going on under the publics noses worldwide. A lot of this was actually recorded so there’s evidence too, not just survivor’s stories.

The survivors have grouped together to get answers about parts of their lives to try to process the trauma and put it to be. It dives into the twisted lies those in charge of these places spin to manipulate others. They’re worse than prisons, in prisons, they have to adhere to your rights. In these places, anything goes.

Seeing the actual facility, Ivy Ridge, which had luckily closed really emphasises the torture that went on there. All the evidence of what happened was actually left behind for others to find. Everything was documented in detail.

When sent there, students had no contact with the outside world. Letters were never received, there were no calls to family, no visitors. There was no talking. There was a point system and only if you hit a certain level you were awarded “privileges” those privileges were every day things in which we take for granted every day. Any time students tried to talk about what happened, they would lose further privileges and move down levels.

One of the things that Paris Hilton described in her book was how she was kidnapped in the middle of the night by men. They had no choice. They were dragged and drugged. That is insanely scary.

Since the documentaries release earlier this month, multiple people involved in these horrific crimes have been fired and/or under investigation further which is great. They deserve to be locked up. People like that, they should not be walking free.

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