The Simpson’s Producer: the cartoon ‘may just go on forever’

By MediaMonkey

June 22, 2021
The Simpsons is going to run for at least thirty two seasons, and there’s considerable numbers of people who have only ever been alive during the run. There’s no sign of it slowing either, prompting Simpsons producer Mike Reiss to muse the show may just go on and on. 
“It’s sort of built like the kind of show that runs forever,” he said to Metro. “The Simpsons is just about the world, about humanity and what’s going on in the world and what we do as humans, and for us to give up on the show is to say we’ve explored everything human beings can do and anything that can ever happen in the world.”
“It’s the same with Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show, anything that’s covering current events should keep going because why should it stop? The show could run forever…and even if The Simpsons gets cancelled, five years later it’ll get rebooted, or spin-offs. Certainly, there would be another movie. We haven’t even had a chance to go and come back again.”
This all rings true, and as long as it’s making money, with a perfectly replaceable cast and crew, it’s hard to see a stop.

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