The time Kelly Jones was told off for loud Tom Jones records but it was actually Tom Jones

By MediaMonkey

July 31, 2023

Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones has been talking to Zoe Ball on Radio 2 (I guess they’re a Radio 2 band now), and he’s got a great anecdote about Tom Jones:

“I’ve known him since ’97… I played a few gigs with him last weekend actually with Far From Saints down at Cardiff Castle… He came back to my flat once after doing a Jools Holland show with Stuart. We were having a drink in the house and it was going on a bit… the guy above came down – and we were singing and stuff – and the guy knocked on the door and he said ‘Look, I’ve got a really early appointment in the morning. Can you turn the Tom Jones records down a bit?’

“Stuart comes to the door and he goes” ‘What’s the problem over here then, bud?’ And he goes ‘Look, I’ve got to get to sleep [and get up] in the morning. Can you just turn down the Tom Jones records?’… We said, ‘We’re not playing Tom Jones records… Tom Jones is in my kitchen singing!… ‘Look. Come and have a look’. And he sees Tom in the kitchen and he goes ‘Ah right, fair enough. Have a good night’.”

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