The true Paris Hilton By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

April 23, 2024

She’s not the dumb blonde that everyone thinks she is, she’s not some heiress living off her parents money, she’s actually a great person inside and out.

I had heard of Paris growing up but had no clue who she was. I came across The Simple Life in lockdown and thought, why not? It was the funniest thing I’ve ever watched and I still “sanasa” to date. It’s too catchy. My friends probably hate me for it. I instantly loved her after watching this show, except, that version of her, she was just playing is a character.

When her documentary came out, I watched it straight away and was absolutely heartbroken at the revelations she opened up about in her childhood. Being sent away to multiple teen institutes, being sent to live with her Grandma, whom she loved a lot, being ADHD and for that reason being sent away as schools couldn’t deal with her.

Paris turned to advocacy to try to shut down the troubled teen industry, she’s tried to introduce laws to protect kids from being abused. She didn’t go into full detail in the documentary about what she went through…until her book.

I listened to the audible, it had me sobbing multiple times. The first being about her Grandma dying, that, that it was just so sad and you could hear how sad that was for Paris and you could absolutely empathise. It seemed like her Grandma was the only one who truly got her and protected her.

The second time was about Paris retelling the time she was raped and she had to act like everything was completely fine. She was drugged after a trip to the mall and she never told anyone till years and years later. She kept it bottled up completely.

The third being what happened to her in those teen institutes, to start, they kidnap kids in the middle of the night without any warning, they get dragged from their beds and put into a van.

Provo Canyon, one of the schools, is still open today and still abusing children. Paris used to get locked in a tiny box for long periods of time, she had exams performed on her without consent. She escaped multiple times and was dragged back. Her friends and family refused to listen to her about what was happening.

One of the best things about her book is that it’s written in ADHD brain meaning for someone like me, it was so easy to understand. The audible adds a layer to the emotions. I’m not going to spoil it all so please, go and read or listen. You’ll not regret it but bring tissues.

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