Thundercat has written a song for the Thundercats TV revival and the universe is a little more at peace

By MediaMonkey

July 24, 2020
There is a musician called Thundercat, and yes he is called that because he’s a huge fan of the old school cartoon series. Here he is explaining how it happened: “It became a name that was given to me because in the middle of working on stuff anytime somebody needed to find me, my friends would go ‘Find the guy with the ThunderCats shirt…The first people to call me Thundercat genuinely were between my friends, at the time they were a duo, J*Davey, and Erykah Badu, and Sa-Ra Creative Partners. And they would all start referring to me as Thundercat.”
Anyway, now Cartoon Network are bringing the show back in a remixed version, and Thundercat had written a song for it, and will also do a voice in it.

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