Tobias Forge talks Ghost’s new cover and how it points to the future

By MediaMonkey

April 12, 2023

Ghost have announced a new covers EP, Phantomine, and the first single off it is a cover of Genesis’ Jesus He Knows Me. The song has always gone hard, and Ghost have updated it now it’s still 100% relevant. It’s a massive vibe.

Tobias explained what this means to NME: The EP will “cast a glimpse as to where I want to go with the band now… That doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’re going to sound like Television!” he said. “It just means that there are practical things in there that have inspired me to record this EP in a slightly different way than I have done previously.”

Meanwhile why this song? The “song is more relevant today than it probably was in 1992… “A few years ago, maybe 10 years ago, it almost felt like this song – these other songs too – were a little bit dated lyrically,” he said of the cover. “That’s because they were! You know, this band – these guys in Genesis – were singing about early ’90s ladies; about televangelists… All that stuff, it felt dated a few years ago. Whereas now, everything that we’re singing about on this song, everything that this song is about is actually right back up beside what I’m writing about in my own material…. What I’m writing about is a completely contemporary commentary on basically a movement within the free Western world who wants to flatten the Earth. This movement wants to regress the world… It also felt like this is actually a very important song to put out. I think that Phil who I’m assuming wrote the lyrics, was (and still is) hitting the head of the nail pretty hard.”

Sure did!

Here it is:

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