Tom DeLonge is talking aliens and its priceless

By MediaMonkey

September 17, 2020
Ex- Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge has a major interest in aliens, and he has his own To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science to pursue it. He’s recently been interviewed about how that’s all getting on by the Guardian, and he claimed multiple US Presidents have been close to revealing details of alien life but baulked at the knowledge people would react… problematically.
Which, to be fair, they would.
So, that’s not any evidence. Even so, Tom wants us to take a different look at the world, by arguing that not only is the biblical account of the birth of Jesus largely right, but that the Star of Bethlehem was an alien space craft.
“Things were written in text thousands of years ago, like hearing voices in your head, a burning bush that was talking…The ancient texts may have called it God, but I’m just saying it’s not that simple. The star of Bethlehem – was that a star or a craft? Because a star is really big. It wouldn’t be hovering over a manger.”
It’s all gone a bit 2001.

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