Tom Mcrae announces Some Dark Cafe

By MediaMonkey

March 31, 2020
Amongst some corners of the music consumption crowd there’s a cynicism at musicians live streaming shows, and we absolutely don’t agree. Bring on the bedroom streams bands, we need it in these depressing times. Therefore we are very excited by the announcement from Tom MCrae that he’ll be streaming a show called Some Dark Café this Thursday. Tom’s a brilliant and dark singer songwriter and this will nourish our dark souls. Here’s the text:
I hope you’re finding your own ways to get through this right now, and that you and your loved ones are safe. These are strange days, and it’s hard to know how to respond in a meaningful way. This is almost certainly not a meaningful way. “Yaaay, another singer-songwriter live streaming from his living room”…. yeah, I know. Me too.
But anyway, I offer this invitation to join me in my virtual cafe… as I reveal my ineptitude with technology, my rustiness at playing live, my general increasing decrepitude… for your bemusement, if not actual amusement.
I’m calling it Some Dark Cafe, from the Joni Mitchell song “Last Time I Saw Richard”
“all romantics meet the same fate someday, cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark café”…. well, I won’t be drunk (too much) or cynical (too much) BUT I FOR SURE can’t guarantee the rest. But I’ll be there live on my instagram feed @tommcraemusic at 8pm UK time on Thursday 2nd April.
It’s customary to sign off with “stay safe” these days, but I’m going with “stay in”.
And if you can’t stay in, and you are one of the very many brave nurses, doctors, teachers, frontline essential services taking care of us, stocking shelves, delivering, keeping the world going – I thank you sincerely. 

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