Trent Reznor explains which Dua Lipa song made him cry

By MediaMonkey

June 21, 2023

Trent Reznor did an interview with Rick Rubin recently, when he explained he thinks pop music “sucks generally.” But wait, there was a fascinating moment.

Telling a story of how he saw his daughter singing along to a Dua Lipa track, he explained “She is so into it and it is so cool… It really reminded me of the art of writing a well-crafted song — I teared up listening to a Dua Lipa track, because it was just a really well-done piece of music, you know?”

But he didn’t say which track!

Nine Inch Nails and Dua Lipa fans alike have been a frenzy of speculation, but Trent’s not some elite figure who doesn’t interact, when fans asked him, he explained:

“‘Levitating,’ [My daughter’s] execution was spot on,” he added. “When she got to the ‘sugarboo’ line, it broke me.”

Obviously you want to hear it, and here it is:

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