We Are Scientists drop new song

By MediaMonkey

August 6, 2021
We Are Scientists are two of the most naturally funniest people in the world, but they also do a fine line in music. New LP ‘Huffy’ is out in October…
…but you can listen to a cut from it right now called Handshake Agreement.
It’s about Twitter, and here’s Keith from the band explaining:  “I could get into how, as far as I can tell, social media has reduced public conversation to this sort of dialogue, where everything is half-believed but doubly-passionate, but, let’s be honest nobody wants to hear already-obvious social theory from a guitar playe… Suffice it to say that ‘Handshake Agreement’ is my song about Twitter, and how whatever servers it’s being run on should be shot out of a cannon into the ocean, as quickly as possible, thanks.”

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