Woman hit with embezzlement charge after not returning VHS tape in 1999

By MediaMonkey

April 26, 2021
Imagine, if you will, that you’ve just got married and you go to the relevant government office to change your name on your driver’s licence… and they tell you there’s an outstanding warrant for your arrest. Baffled you ask what it’s for, and they tell you it’s over a VHS copy Sabrina the Teenage Witch you didn’t return in 1999. You’d either be in some Kafka nightmare or, as multiple US media outlets confirm, you’re Caron Scarborough Davis.
Yes, this really happened, and for a short period of time Davis was charged with embezzlement because of an arrest warrant issued in March 2000, until everyone saw sense and the charge was dropped. That hasn’t helped Davis heart though, which has had a serious shock.
The worst / best part? Davis has never seen an episode of Sabrina, she blames a partner and his kids. 
Also what sort of rental shop gets a warrant over a cassette?

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