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Welcome to SupaJam Radio, the station that loves your ears. If you’re looking for the best new & classic music that you can confidently recommend to everyone you know, you’ve found the place. 

As well as curating playlists of the best music, SupaJam takes a deep dive into the story behind the music, with insightful interviews, music history shows, & case studies of what it takes to make it in the music industry.

If you want a deeper connection to the artists you love, we also run regular competitions that get our listeners behind the scenes access to events, festivals and concerts. Not only that, SupaJam Radio is a community where your voice can be heard with our regular listener-focussed shows, interviews & podcasts.

Our radio producer David Maitland has over 15 years experience in the music industry, working with large clients including the Edinburgh Festival of Sound, The National Gallery of Scotland, and has even created music for the European Space Agency. 

You’ll normally find him surrounded by synthesizers & drum machines in the studio, making a mess of noise – much to the chagrin of his border collie, Louis. 

However,  he has a broad range of influences, and is obsessed with music history, and it’s this enthusiasm for a range of music he brings to the station.


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