Beach House – Rocket Juice and the Moon – Madonna – Citizens

March 20, 2012

Beach House – Myth

In which Beach House take ‘feeling a bit miserable’ and mould it into a basis for delicately epic pop. Myth- taken from forthcoming 4th album Bloom is, as promised, darker than previous outings from the Baltimore duo, but somehow still leaves a magnificent fuzzy feeling in its shuffling, downbeat wake, a bit like ReadyBrek warmed with hot tears. Being a loser never sounded so grand.

Out soon on SubPop

Rocket & The Moon – Hey Shooter

It’s beyond tempting to cast scorn on Damon Albarn’s worthy forays into World Music. Off he goes, popping round the globe like the smug spirit of Dr Livingstone, stealing rhythms from the ‘little people’, streaming the results on The Guardian, and earning a tidy packet along the way. This time it’s the sound of Afrobeat falling into his greedy Essex paws, with former Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen joining up with Damo and a getting-a-bit-too-old-for-the-silly-haircuts Flea to throw together a jam that owes  as much to Funkadelic as it does to hyped up Nigerian brass. And you know what? It’s pretty good. Damn it. Albarn staves off the hangman time and time again, by making consistently great tunes, and this is no exception. The clever shit.

Out now on Honest Jon’s


Madonna – I F*cked Up

How did Madonna get considered to be a ‘risk taker’? He career has been almost entirely defined by shameless bandwagon jumping and a vicious streak longer than Lady Gaga’s face, whilst being remarkably free of anything that actually bothers the musical status quo. But calling your song ‘I Fucked Up’, now that’s a risk. Especially when the song’s a bit crap. Taken from ‘brilliantly’ named album MDNA, this new single is, for the most part, anaemic MOR pop. For some reason, an unwelcome drum and bass rhythm pops up in the middle, like a gurgling fart in a lift. Best avoided.

Out at some point. Can’t be bothered to go over my notes and find out when.


Citizens! – Reptile

This is pretty good you know. If you took the wonky seaside riffs from Metonomy’s The Look and roughed them up behind an East London cab office you’d come out with something that was, well, hold on, realistically it’d be nothing  like Reptile. How the hell do you even rough a song up? Man, who invented using these stupid metaphors in the first place? Why am I still typing? Let’s stick to the facts; this is catchy and now it’s single of the week.

Out now on Kitsune.


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