Bordeauxxx – The Beach Girls and the Monster

August 9, 2012

The Beach Girls and the Monster is the lead single off Bordeauxxx’s new mini-album Only Friction (which you can pre-order now). It kicks in with harmonies and lots of people singing together about summertime, which is a plus because we’re in the time of Summer right now. Needless to say, the general tone is upbeat and heel-clicking, albeit with some riffs that could be deemed as heavy if the production allowed them to have sharper teeth.

Taking a diversion from their norm, usual bassist Amy takes the majority of the vocals on this number. Thankfully, Martin is still there and some immoral things are done on the xylophone. By that we mean it makes a lot of melodies that tear through the aural soundscape. They don’t perform murderous or sexual acts upon it… as far as we know. There is also mass chanting.

Anyway, if that sounds like your thing then you can watch the video below. It features a green screen with “blockbuster special FX, bikini babes and bird poo.” If that sounds like your idea of eyeball torturing hell, watch it anyway because there are girls. You can download it for free here too.

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