Chapel Club – Good Together

January 7, 2013

Ummmm … huh…? What the hell just happened? This has got, like, a drum machine. And then there’s all these synthy things. And then it goes on for 10 minutes and wherz the guitarzz? Looks like Chapel Club have executed a rather nifty left turn and ‘gone electric’. One quick googling later and I discover that Universal have dropped them from the label as a result. Well bollocks to Universal, this sounds great. Now ensconsed on the indie outlet Ignition, Chapel Club show with new track Good Together that they are more than capable of keeping the gothic elegance that shot through their early guitar based songs, no matter what the instrumentation. The single is an unfurling, melancholic New Romantic epic, as stately and brittle as a stained glass window, and blessed with wonderful shots of light piercing the chorus. When the closing minutes turn into a heartbroken techno coda we’re utterly sold. We sincerely hope that their fans stay with them for the new songs, if only to prove the idiots at Universal how very wrong they are.


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