Death Cab For Cutie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol

November 14, 2011

Death Cabs third single from the album Codes and Keys is a sweet acoustic number called Stay Young, Go Dancing. The song opens with the lyrics “Life is sweet in the belly of the beast, and with her song in your heart it can never bring you down” which sets the tone of the song nicely as Ben Gibbard tells us how his significant other gives him the strength to go through lifes hardships.

The song its self is driven by a catchy chord sequence which builds into the chorus accompanied by sweeping string sections and a soft drum beat, bursting out of the first chorus with a powerful and catchy bridge before coming full circle again with the songs conclusion, and Gibbards message of the song’s title ending the track.

This song is a catchy, pretty track worthy of mainstream recognition and a hit for a band that’s now 14 years and 7 albums into their career.   


Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Monarchy Of Roses

The second single from rock giants Red Hot Chilli Peppers new album “I’m with you” is a scorching track that show cases the bands versatile styles and ability to still deliver great songs after a staggering 28 years in the music business.

“Monarchy of Roses” starts with an almost tribal drum beat and Anthony Kiedis’ distorted vocals, with new comer Josh Klinghoffer’s guitars building suspense throughout the songs introduction before jumping into a funky, almost disco influenced pre-chorus and then into a very Chilli Peppers’ chorus which should delight the die hard Chilli Pepper fans thrown off by the heavy intro.

This song showcases a slightly heavier style than we’re used too with the Chilli Peppers, with a slight throw back to the strong guitar riff of “By The Way”, that really shows that Klinghoffer can hold his own in his new found home with the musical legends that are Kiedis, Smith and Flea but still manages to feel very much like a classic RHCP song that will please old fans and new fans a like.



Ed Sheeran – Lego House

Ed Sheeran continues his reign as indie singer-songwriter of the moment with the sure to be well received single “Lego House”.

This song is a ballad of sorts where Ed promises his other half to always be there for them and the music definitely suits the subject with Sheerans distinctive vocals reigning over a sweeping and dreamy backdrop complete with the acoustic style Ed has already claimed as style synonymous with him, however a previous reviewer on this site referred to Ed Sheeran as a “Well disguised Matt Cardle/Newton Faulkner” hybrid and Sheeran is not doing much with this track to make me think any different, especially with his use of the singer-songwriter “rapping” that Faulkner does so well.

Perhaps over shadowing the songs content is the extremely popular video featuring everybody’s favourite red head Rupert “Ron Weasley” Grint which has already impressively garnered over 6,270,000 on Youtube, but this only goes to show the support that Sheeran has acquired since the release and major success of “A Team” which will surely send this song high into the charts.  




 Jessie J – Who You Are

Jessie J releases the title track of her album “Who You Are” and it’s a much more toned down Jessie than we’re used too.
According to Jessie herself the song is “about being true to yourself. Don’t lose yourself in any situation you’re put in, and do the dew” and that is very apparent in the lyrics with the chorus advising “Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars” which seems to be very personal to how Jessie J had to deal with her success as an artist.

The song its self comes across as a ballad not unlike Beyonce’s “Halo” with a very powerful, albeit done to death, chorus. The verses have a very cynical feel to them with sarcastic line like “Brushing my hair, do I look perfect?” and “I forgot what to do to fit the mold” really showing Jessies resent of the idea of a “perfect” pop star.

Overall the song is a good slow pop ballad that I can see doing well in the charts.



Snow Patrol – This Isn’t Everything You Are 

Snow Patrol release the 2nd single from their “Fallen Empires” album with “This Isn’t Everything

You Are” a very emotional track which seems to be a plea for a troubled individual to change their ways before its too late.

The song is as emotional as the subject matter with a slow guitar riff effectively punctuated with piano chords as singer Gary Lightbody sings his concerned wishes for a friend and pleading “Don’t keel over now..”. The first listen to the song instils the sheer personal emotional that the songs subject matter deals with into you in a way that makes you feel very involved.

Snow Patrol are often labelled as bland but while this song is slow moving and some what minimal by todays standards it is anything but bland as it transitions into its anthemic and some what epic chorus which features choir-like backing vocals that Arcade Fire would be proud of and an awesome string backing.

Snow Patrol have already had their fair share of success in the UK music charts and I can see this song effortlessly continuing that.   


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