Dodgy – Veronica Falls – Dizzee Rascal

February 15, 2012

Single reviews 15-2-2012

Dodgy – What Became of You

Dodgy ask ‘What Became of You’? Who knows if they’re asking this of themselves or their fans… Still here they are again, another Britpop act making a comeback as middle age bites. Sounding a touch slower than their Staying Out for the Summer glory days, and even a little Fleetwood Mac-y, What Became of You is a fairly nice dittie that will probably please aging Dodgy fans as much as it appears to have pleased the band themselves. It’s all a bit unremarkable, but certainly not woeful. The comfy hug of a Radio 2 B-Listing beckons.


Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats

College rock indie pop doowop for students or people who used to be. That’s not a cuss, by the way, just telling it how I hear it. I used to be a student and I’m tapping my feet along merrily. Ideally we could resurrect John Hughes and get him to make a film for My Heart Beats to soundtrack, I’m thinking ‘Ferris Buller 2: Spring Break’ or something equally wacky. ‘Til then just listen and daydream winsome girls, high school high jinks and floral shirts. Good clean indie fun.


DJ Muggs feat Dizzee Rascal – Snap Your Neck Back

I was pretty excited about this- Muggs, evil genius behind Cypress Hill collaborating with the one and only Raskit on some stanking ‘orrible bass music. But really, it’s all a bit of a let down. Dizzee pops up for a hectic 64 bars, while Muggs shreds out does his best dubstep hip hop bass grunts, and its all gravy. Then Dizzee pisses off and we’re left with some seriously insipid flow from Muggs losing all momentum and turning the whole thing into one big meh. It’s a shame, had Dizzee taken on the whole track, given it a chorus and sacked off the Muggs vocal we could’ve been onto a serious head bussin smash. As it is, it’s more of a curious footnote in the increasing cross fertilisation of UK and US club music.

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