Dum Dum Girls Crocodiles Merry Christmas (Please Don’t Die)

December 21, 2011

Newsflash! The Christmas song from Little Mix is shit! We’re not knocking the girls themselves, just whichever cog in the Cowell machine thought a downbeat tune was a good idea. Now it sounds like the sort of nightmare that clogged up the charts in the mid 70s til punk showed up and saved music from numbskulls. Fact- Chris Evans loves it and he’s a fucking idiot.

But it doesn’t have to matter. If we all stopped paying attention to the horrible ick mainstream culture is hell bent on slamming in our face, like so much crusty dog pap (I’m looking at you TOWIE), then maybe we could progress as a world. We could get to like things because they were great, not because they were plastered all over the red tops and trending on twitter. And why not start with this ace Christmas single from Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles. It’s got sleigh bells and winter harmonies Santa could hum his elves to sleep with. It’s the best Christmas song this year by a country mile, so come on, give it a try. Be a happier person, learn to love the world again.

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