May 7, 2013

Look, I have to be upfront in this review. As I listened to the third track of Silent Cities’ new Eigenlicht EP a comparison came to me, kept on pushing, and now after some heavy rotation I’m ready to make it public. At times the vocals on this EP remind me strongly of Jeff Buckley, and if that’s heresy for you I’m sorry, but it really has to be said, and for others that’s all that needs to be said to make you rush and listen and probably buy.

But over these three tracks – Global Aerobics, Haptophic and ‘D and H’ – Silent Cities combine crisp acoustic sounds (including Laura Kate McKinlay on violin) , a sense of deep layers and that soaring, vulnerable vocal to create twelve and a half minutes of tender, troubled beauty. Okay, there is a problems three songs is a single, not an EP as billed, and you will want more when you’ve finished, but the atmosphere builds consistently over three tracks to the highlight in number three. The single is out May 18th.

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