Evil Alien – Higher Than The Sun

January 16, 2013

WARNING – The video below has boobs and bum and fanny.
Do not scroll down if you are not willing to see that sort of filth.

Birmingham born Evil Alien have had this track floating around for about 18 months now. It was played on Radio 1 by Zane Lowe to plug their very first gig (which was an awfully nice thing of him to do) but it is finally being released as a single in February.

A euphoric, spacious and uplifting chorus is what really sells this number. Onomatopoeia is the term used when a word imitates the sound of what it is describing. I don’t know if there’s a similar word for when a song title perfectly matches the sound of its chorus, but if there is then write your own review and use that word to describe it. A sumptuous build pumps into an orgasmic release as the song balloons out into the far reaches of the sky.

Single will be released on limited edition CD/Vinyl on February 11th 2013 from www.evilalien.co.uk


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