Frank Hamilton – Summer EP

October 7, 2013

That’s right Frank, release an EP called Summer just as we’re heading into October. Yeah, rub it in why don’t you?

This EP is Frank’s first release since his “One Song A Week” challenge, where he wrote one song a week for a year. I bet you’re glad we explained that for you. The title track was written during this project and has been respectfully beefed up somewhat for the new release.

‘Summer’ kicks off the EP. It sounds upbeat on the surface, but there is a weariness lurking below. Not in a sad way, more in the manner of someone who is playing the cards dealt as best they can. It’s a difficult blend to pull off effectively, and such nuances give a hint as to why Frank has built up a solid underground following with his passionate Indie-Folk sound. It’s stuff like this that distinguishes one bloke with a guitar to the thousands of others out there.

Opening with a distant whistle, ‘Circles’ moves into atmospherically distorted territory. A pressing synth gives a sense of discord to the voice in the lyrics. The internal turmoil expounded in the refrain of “it’s hard to love you, it’s hard to love myself” is matched by the slightly lonely buzz of the music swirling around it.

An intersting cover comes third, Frank’s acoustic performance of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ was so popular online that he decided to put it on the EP. Its few layers give it a wistful sigh and credit must be given for not going overboard with massive heart-tugging sounds, the strength in this cover is its restrained minimalism. It keeps the crucial frustration at the heart of the song, which many covers have foolishly skipped out on… or have not been able to believably deliver it. In an odd twist, Brendan from Wheatus sings the girl’s vocal for this release just as he does on the original.

The collection is completed with Draper’s remix of the title track, giving it twists of clubbing holiday euphoria and frantic climatic beats. It completes a release of engaging aural landscapes that stands up well to multiple listens.

Grab it here.

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