Glastonbury Fayre by The Waterboys

July 18, 2022

If you’d have told me I’d fall in love with a song that exists just to praise and celebrate the Glastonbury festival, I wouldn’t have been too surprised, but I’d have been stunned if you’d told me it was by the Waterboys. The last twenty years of their music has been off my radar, and this is clearly to my detriment as ‘Glastonbury Fayre’ could only have been created by a band of maturity and experience.

Why? It’s basically a diary of their time at the festival turned into a song, so there’s the dates they played, namechecks of the people they met and more… but never the kind of odious bragging excess someone like a Liam Gallagher might have created, this is just pure good vibes and love.

So many good vibes in fact that the song makes the highlight of the event, all those years playing, something that’s not on a main stage: it’s a band they don’t know, performing randomly in a field they stumbled into and if that’s not the pure Glastonbury experience what is. Sorry for overlooking you chaps.

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