HTIS by Meg Myers featuring Luna Shadows and Carmen Vandenberg

May 8, 2022

Meg Myers is always at her best when she’s at her most intense. Indeed, she’s one of the most intense performers we’ve heard, and she does it all while looking mostly normal, except when she really lets herself go and appears to be a living embodiment of chaos. We’re pleased to note that on HTIS, Meg exhibits top pressure.

Standing for Hiding That I’m Sexual, HTIS isn’t just a nightmare to type on anything with auto correct, it’s an anthem for anyone who’s shied away displaying their full, real, and very much suppressed physicality and emotions. Meg is joined by Luna Shadows and Carmen Vandenberg for an electronics heavy indie pop explosion. “I’ve been hiding my body, to protect my soul…” I mean it’s a great song but given Meg wrote Desire, one of the most manically sexual songs ever, we wonder what’s been going on.

Just in case it doesn’t come across in the vocals (and it absolutely does for us), the video shows Meg doing the ‘I’m ten seconds away from ripping your fucking arms off’ look of classics like Jealous Sea… there’s also a sort of cyberpunk mental asylum vibe.

It’s truly a travesty that you can listen to many days of UK mainstream, radio and not hear one Meg Myers pop song. Perhaps the programmers can’t cope with some actual spirit.

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