Kwes – Igoyh

April 13, 2012


We never get tired of hearing bands try something spectacular here at SupaJam. Whether it’s musically, lyrically, visually or whatever – bands are still striving to fulfil an almost adolescent instinct to make a mark in the boundless abyss of what‘s out there and who are we to argue?
 So what is London-based Songwriter/Producer Kwes is trying to do so differently? 
“I love messing around with sounds but I didn’t want that to be the focus” -”I’m really into brevity and only using what’s necessary in a song” says Kwes. Today the closing track Igoyh off of his forthcoming EP Meantime (Warp Records), played in our ears for the first time.
The opening lyrics feel a little melancholic, but the softly sung vocals are quickly engulfed by the dulcet tones coming from the swelling synths and you become engrossed. The seconds fly by as it captures a sentimental mood; it’s not dissimilar to the sort of thing that Sufjan Stevens has been reverberating in the last few years. With Kwes using the lyrical hook of “I’m not going anywhere/I’m not going anywhere” it’s as satirical as it is needs to be (he is British, after all). The song progresses into a really special piece, with rhythmical guitars complimenting the synth-driven spine of it and a glockenspiel applying the finishing touches –tasty. 
Whilst his debut EP on Warp Records may not change the world, it’ll certainly turn a few heads. I for one will find it interesting to see how he develops, what do you think? It’s early days after all.
Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts!

Oobah Butler

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